Day 636: Workin’ On The Weekend

Everybody’s workin’ on the weekend! No? Loverboy? No? All right then.

Called in to work today; it’s Saturday, so this is unusual, and I’m definitely in that work trap where I’m just senior enough to be responsible for a lot of things, and not get overtime or whatnot for weekend work, but also not senior enough to get paid for it.  I’m not actually that sad about it; it’s aggravating, but also good to be seen and get buy-in on some of the projects that make the the most satisfied in my professional life. If it takes a Saturday to get that done, that’s pretty worth it.

So it’s off to shower, get nicely dressed, and go do pleasant things with people far more senior than me!

Slight insomnia last night, and I really need to get back on exercise after Sleepfest 2018. It will come.