Day 639: Midnight Shifts Mess Me Up

I’m not kiddin’ when I says that sleep is a fragile beast. Slept through the night last night, but sleep didn’t REALLY start until midnight — I was in bed on time-ish, but didn’t really get to sleep.

My wife is on shift work, and sometimes that’s the noon to midnight shift. Not easy for her — 12-hours aren’t, and her job is pretty hectic — but it really rocks me out of sync when she’s not home at bedtime.

Out of town is fine, or at the old job when I was travelling — also fine. It’s the coming in late that messes with the sleep: expecting your sleep to be interrupted is the perfect way to not sleep.

So gonna be a bit of a rough one today, no lie — no exercise, gotta go grab lunch and get dressed and head in pronto.