Day 641: CHORE GOD

Up at 3:30 — bathroom, then cat, then my wife was up at 4 so what’s the point. I’ve admittedly been not great about exercise recently, but this was a good morning for chores: dishes, washing the stove and stovetop, two loads of laundry, prepping the upstairs for Mr. Butlertron…

…oh yeah, we got a Roomba, which we have named Mr. Butlertron. I was not in favour, secretly, but supportive… now that it’s here, though, I freakin’ love Mr. Butlertron. It’s pretty amazing how nice it is not to have to sweep every day — it really had to be a daily chore, in a two-cat house, and now we just drop Butlertron off on a different floor every day and let him have at it.

Anyway — chores done, and it’s time to head back to bed. This is, again, a weird way to go about things… but it’s working for me so far.