Computer problems resolved, after a late night wrestling with components and some help from a friend. With a new power supply and new graphics card humming away, I think I’m back in business, computerwise, and it feels nice.

First order of business today is to figure out my next five days: it’s vacation, baby! My wife also has some time off, and we’re probably gonna tourist it up a little, but I need to pick something that makes me feel like this vacation was a good use of time and not just random-ass gaming…

  • Learn how to use my little MIDI keyboard and sample packs to actually make music
  • Make another piece of furniture
  • Get on top of and ahead of the online course I’m taking
  • Bear down hard on this radio station volunteer course

All options. Plus, get back on exercise! It’s been a bad few weeks for that. This time last year I was way more on top of being in shape; work madness and volunteer business have kept that from being a priority.