Day 650: Back to Cutting Back

Coming off a week of vacation — new mini-daybed is doing just fine, thank you for asking — and as always, am exiting with a certain sense of clarity about why I’m so stressed. Breaks are good.

I’m not feeling rested, but I am feeling removed, which is a good point to take stock from.

The priority, getting back to work on Monday, is going to be to rebalance my time and obligations, and start setting more reasonable expectations for what I can accomplish. Starting with myself — I set very high standards, and I need to manage those first.

Volunteer stuff is next — again, I’m taking on a lot of responsibility because I choose to, and that’s something that needs to be worked on. Accomplishing stuff is good! Burning out is bad.

Sunday, tomorrow: no particular plans. A good day for mapping out the next few months.