Day 655: Getting Going

Arrgh! Late sleep today, so no exercise and running behind in myriad other ways. One result of yesterday’s “I should take another run at therapy” note is that I have no idea how to find a therapist!

There’s a Catch-22 here: I need a therapist to help me contend with the fact that I’m overworking and not managing that well. But finding a therapist is starting to seem like work itself: research, listing names, making contact, trial sessions, etc. Ugh.

Focusing on today: no/little exercise, so I need to pack a lunch carefully and track food for the day; work is going to run a bit late but I should be home in reasonable time this evening, which is good — coursework to do.

Just keeping the head down and soldiering on seems to be the order of the day, while watching diet and thinking about a strategy to get myself therapized.