Day 660: Perfect Exercise

All right!

What would exercise look like, if I were exercising ideally? What kind of shape am I in?

About 175 pounds. My best-ever fightin’ weight mid-20s count-the-abs self was 165. 175 is probably fair in my mid-40s.

Exercising every day but Sunday. Getting in around 300 calories of exercise; this is deliberate hard work, not walkin’ to work and around the building and stuff. Long walks can be exercise! But commuting walking and work-walking isn’t.

Strength and core training, not just cardio.

Gym? Nah. Even perfect me doesn’t want to spend the money, and gym has never really worked out for me in the past. I think that’s still a home-based activity.

With intention. I’ve had a huge problem with this in the last several months — getting it in, but also phoning in.

I’m exhausted just thinking about this!