Day 661: Perfect Work

This is the elephant in the room, right?

I promised myself I’d be better after my vacation, on getting back to work, at managing my workload and managing up to reduce stress and seek help.

I… have not done that.

It’s hard, in the churn! You want to clear your inbox, get to the things, and if you’re a people-pleaser (I am), do all the things for all the folks and get smiles. Who doesn’t like smiles?

So the big second thing, if I’m looking to visualize a better me, is “I manage my workload.” That’s so huge as to be pretty ambiguous, and not very useful. So let’s try to crack into that a bit.

“I spend 15 minutes every morning organizing my work and updating principal stakeholders on what my priorities and progress are.”

That’s not bad. I’m pursuing this with some of my staff who report up to me, so it only makes sense that I do it as well.

“Take meaningful breaks for lunch or otherwise.” Sometimes you gotta work through lunch due to other people’s schedules. That’s fine. But I need to take breaks.

And finally:

“Spend 30 minutes at the end of every week reflecting on what felt the most productive and meaningful to me.”

Now, this isn’t my first time at this rodeo. I doubt anyone listening hasn’t promised themselves they’d do something very close to this in the past. But it’s checklisty, and calendarizable, which I like a lot.