Day 662: Make Whatcha Eat, Eat Whatcha Make

What does a perfect me eat?

What we cook.

I mean, not to the exclusion of all else at all times, but — and we get back to this periodically — eating out with intention, not because it’s late or I’m tired or whatnot.

At its heart, this is more about planning and preparation than where the food comes from, but my bad habit is getting sucked into free / offered / available food. Because it’s there. It’s a problem.

So in the realm of “simple rules I find it tough to follow”: make whatcha eat, eat whatcha make. My wife and I tried on a resolution in January to not buy anything with more than two ingredients in it and strive to make most of what we consume, including sauces, crackers, etc.

We did a good three or four months hardcore, and a lot of it has stuck — instead of buying ketchup I’ll make hot sauce or a homemade barbecue sauce; we still get things like chips but as an exceptional treat. But I’ve also drifted into easy food, particularly sugar, and Faculty Sandwiches, over the course of the year.

So I’m not saying Perfect Me would do this to 1000%, but he’d pack a lunch and have a plan for dinner if he was going to be working late. He’d abstain at free-food events and stick to the plan for the day.

The last bit is where the “healthy” part comes in. It’s entirely possible to make all our own food and be a disaster. I find it easy!

But planning the day in the morning, making most of what you consume so you understand, intimately, what you’re eating, and sticking to that plan is paramount. That’s what Perfect Me would do. I’m not there yet, but it’s a goal!