Day 664: Perfect Drinking

All right, I’ll cop to this being a pretty easy one; I’ve been up and have a big day ahead of me, so I kind of want to knock out an entry and get some sleep!

Aside from a brief experiment a while back in which I quickly learned that no, I can’t “wait out” my dimmer switch problems and start drinking again, I’ve been rocking sobriety for, well, 664 days. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been sustainable, and the key there always comes back to the question “am I happier when I’m drinking, or when I’m not drinking?”

The answer is “neither.” It’s about the same. I can’t say I’m happier, on balance, as a non-drinker than a drinker. It’s an even hand.

With that in mind, if I’m equally happy either way, why not go with the cheaper, healthier option? I’m just as happy, I’m saving money, and am making better choices for my wellbeing and longevity.

So yeah. Perfect Me is sober. That’s… pretty much it, I guess.