Day 665: Perfect Sunday

Those ol’ religious folks had it right: you need a break. Sunday, Saturday, whatever day you want — it’s good to have a day off. Sunday’s where that falls for me.

This gets a bit complicated from here.

I like getting things done. I also like dumb stuff. And I have a genuinely hard time discerning “work” from “play” when it comes to the broad category of things that are supposed to be hobbies and fun, but are also work. Building some furniture for the house, studying for a part-time course, gardening — all things that some people do for fun, and I think are sort of fun, but also… work?

Compared to watching dumb crap on Netflix and playing video games, for instance.

There’s something somewhere that probably unpacks this for me. The difference between fun with no outcome, things that create lasting work, and things that are done for maintenance.

So Perfect Me has great Sundays! No work obligations, and some sort of mix of pure fun and productive hobbies. I’m going to have to put a bit of a TBD on what that mix is, and how it works, though.