Day 667: Perfect Pastimes

Discussed a bit on Sunday, but what are perfect hobbies? I find it hard to draw the line between work, semi-work and pure fun.

Work is easy! I have to be there. I do some things I enjoy and a lot of stuff I don’t particularly enjoy, but that has to get done.

Pure fun is easy! I play video games, I watch dumb crap. I’m distracted and I’d imagine recharging while I do it.

Then there’s the middle stuff.

Learning to play an instrument. Building furniture. Taking courses. They’re all in a continuum between “work” and “fun”; they take mental effort, they’re not enjoyable in the sense that it’s frequently frustrating, if I mess up it has consequences (with the furniture and the courses, at least).

So there’s kind of, I don’t know, candy hobbies and vegetable hobbies.  I like the candy hobbies! Netflix, games, naps. Is napping a hobby?

And I like the end result of the vegetable hobbies, but I don’t always want to do them. Because it takes more mental energy, and my work that I get paid to do and have to do already takes a lot of that.

There’s a whole nest of stuff underneath this — a need to define myself and accomplish things beyond my work, the need to recharge versus the satisfaction of growth, we can probably get all the way down to a decision not to have kids if we want to take a whack at it.

I suppose Perfect Me would have some sort of mix of the two; we’ll continue to call them candy and vegetable hobbies. Alternating time between the two. Continuing to take courses for brain growth (and the courses are good because they force me to stay on the rails), and make time for the improvement hobbies while still letting myself dip into the candy hobbies. By the hour, or by the evening.