Day 668: Hallowe’en!

Halllowe’eeeeen! Bop bop. Here’s the thing: Hallowe’en candy has been on sale for a while so my wife and I got our shameful candy ya-yas out like a week ago, and I think we’ll be in a strong position to resist now. No kids, so there are no inbound candy vectors, and a healthy number of trick-or-treaters, so we’ll be candy free by night’s end.

Hallowe’en also means it’s the last day of October! So it’s a good day for a fresh start with Perfect Me tomorrow, which means I guess this visualization experiment is OVER, and it’s time to put it into action. We got exercise, we got food, we got sleep, we got sobriety, we got work, we got hobbies. We got it all, baby!

Here’s the sheet, for the curious: Perfect Me List

Perfect Me List