Day 669: Legal Reefer Madness

My wife and I smoked the legal weed last night (greetings from Canada!). It was… fine?

It might be a good time to stress that sobriety for me is self-imposed, and a reflection of a not-great relationship with alcohol. Given the amount of… theatre… around pot in our household, I doubt we’ll be smoking much of it, but this was kind of a “well, it’s legal now, sooooooo…” kind of thing.

And, I mean, meh. It’s fine. I have barely ever smoked marijuana and didn’t really care for it back when I did, and it was hell on my lungs (I coughed til I nearly barfed). The buzz was nice! I slept well.

So that’s a thing we did. It’s weird, but I’m not nearly as worried about my addictive personality and pot in the same way I feel I have to self-police with booze. Part of it is ease of use, I think: I’m really good at drinking stuff. Smoking things is a lot more effort. Part of it is we’re only “toking” the “spliffs” in a specific room in the house, in the basement, so there’s a certain aspect of WELL NOW LET’S GO TO THE WEED DUNGEON that is sort of a natural deterrent.

It’s going to be interesting to see a shift in perceptions of sobriety and what ‘sober’ means in this context, though. Deregulating marijuana when it’s getting cold out is one thing, but next spring/summer should see the needle on our cultural understanding of ‘sober’ getting kicked all over the compass.

Good start to perfect me! Hard exercise, big glass of water. Up at four so back to bed.