Day 673: I Don’t Like Water

Doing well with the Perfect Me / Visualization stuff — not perfect (go figure), but man, that first thing on the list? “Drink a big glass of water first thing every morning.” It’s been recommended for years, I believe it’s a good idea, but here’s the deal: I do¬†not like drinking water.

I’m’a do it. Of course. But man, I am not enjoying it!

I’ve never liked water. I like flavour. I used to make a Stevia and Kool-Aid Powder thing that my wife called “dazzle water” for hydration. I have cases and cases of club soda or naturally flavoured carbonated water in the house.

But I’m committed! I’m going to drink that glass of water every morning, because that’s what the 175-pound, healthy, energetic, forward-moving me would do.