Day 674: I Don’t Like Logging

The next thing I don’t like about being good: logging food. I can’t stand it. It feels like I’m nannying myself, I often don’t have the information to log when I want to log it, the app literally nags me every five seconds to buy their premium version (and fair enough, they gots to get paid, but I still find it annoying).

At its heart, though, I know what the real issue is.

I don’t like being accountable.

At the end of the day, I’d far prefer just to eat garbage when I feel like it, consequence-free. My brain, even though I’m a pretty smart dude, still doesn’t make a tangible link between a piece of pizza today and a sad chubby man on the scales the next day.

Logging is accountability. It’s kinda fuzzy sometimes and it takes a little time out of my day every day. But it’s accountability.

And I don’t like it.

For 674 days I’ve been looping in and out of actually tracking, and I always loop out in full knowledge that this is when this stops working. And I still do it.

We recur to my Smart Guy problem periodically; I’m a smart dude and I know better than to fall into these traps, but I still fall into them. I’ve got some sort of Smart Justification machinery that trips me up. Not giving up is obviously key, but I need to be head-on about why I log, and why I don’t log.

Accountability, baby!