Day 677: Snack Monster

Terrible food day yesterday!

I’ve been doing well with the “think like a 175-lb. man” mentality. It’s all about finding the dumb tricks that work, right? Recently, “would 175-pound me eat that?” has been a pretty good defense against unsanctioned eating.

Buuuuut yesterday was bad. I stayed after work to help some colleagues test-drive an educational board game (good educational tool, not a great board game) and they brought snacks. And I just kind of mindlessly snacked.

It wasn’t like I set out to do it, it’s just kind of something to do with your hands/mouth when it’s not your turn to play. So by the end of the evening I’d consumed a shameful amount of snacks, and after a week of clean livin’ it did not feel good both emotionally and physically.

I’d like to say lesson learned? I think the very slow, very painful lesson, which I have not yet learned after 677 days but am getting there at a glacial pace, is that I may have to treat Bad Food like booze. My off switch is pretty good. I’m actually kind of excellent at saying no to things.

But my dimmer switch is messed up.

It’s almost the same package of hang-ups as sobriety. What kind of no-fun jackass doesn’t eat snacks? There’s a pretty tired cultural stereotype of people that try to live healthy as Niles Crane types. I buy into it. I shouldn’t buy into it.