Day 678: Leaving Facebook

The only thing more annoying than talking to people on Facebook is talking to people who aren’t on Facebook. To riff on an old joke about vegans and/or Crossfit:

How do you know if somebody isn’t on social media?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

This is distinctive enough that it’s probably worth unpacking a bit, though — I can’t leave Facebook. I need it for work. And since their business model only works by using personal names and personal information for access, I’ve had to manually delete every friend, page, etc. that I’ve added or liked, change my profile photo and job to say “this is not a personal account”, and hack it back to a shell of a profile of me — bare minimum — which will still allow me admin access to run the things I need to run.

I’m’a not deleting all my old photos, etc., because that’s a crazy amount of work. This isn’t tinfoil hattery levels of paranoia.

I have, though, come to the personal conclusion that Facebook does not make my life better. It makes my life worse. Ironically, since it’s the social platform that most people are on, I still need to be on it and use it heavily for my job. It actually makes my job easier and simpler when there’s a place most people are that I can just put some money into and reach ’em.

It’s not a good place, though.

So I’m taking a… semi-cowardly stance, I guess? I’m not opposing Facebook by trying to take my business away from Facebook. I’m not taking any public action. I’m not doing anything to hurt Facebook, I’m just trying to extricate myself from a bot-driven noise machine that hurts my brain.