Day 688: Jugglin’

Looking forward to vacation next week, among other things because it would be nice to feel like I’ve got a few days to get my feet back under me.

Short exercise this morning due to late sleep due to cat rampage (Operation Don’t Get Up, originally a cat tactic, doesn’t work if the cats are hell-bent on stomping on you in bed), and gotta run off in a few minutes to make a volunteer appointment happen to get somebody else involved with the station. It’s a race! Everything’s a race!

So I’m, er, racing. A chunk of this is me doing it to myself: I choose to take online courses in the evening; I choose to put this much into volunteering. I choose to take on more than I have to, and do better than I strictly need to, at my job. I can’t really complain too much about struggling to keep up when it’s a completely self-generated situation.

That does not, however, change the feeling of being behind in the race. Today, the trade-off was less exercise for sleep and volunteerism. I’m looking forward to next week and some time off, when the trade equation isn’t nearly as onerous.