Day 692: Tech Frustrations

Trying to get a significant upgrade to my home media server (a computer running Plex) underway, and hitting some big stumbling blocks right out of the gate — chiefly, it doesn’t seem to work.

Tech is an ever cascading pile of expertise. I’m kind of top 20% — I know some HTML and CSS, I can figure out some command line stuff, I know my basic Terminal commands in Ubuntu. But when it comes to sussing out whether my BIOS needs to use a RAID or ACHI, and whether I haveĀ an ESP for UEFI boot or a bios_grub for BIOS boot… that’s when I kind of check out.

So it’s gonna be a long, frustrating day of — not learning, really, justĀ trying. With the higher level things there’s learning involved. I get to figure stuff out and pick up some Ubuntu skills, familiarize myself with some Terminal commands, etc. At this level, the baseline level of file systems and formats, it’s cargo cult “do this and see what happens” kind of stuff.

Still and all, these problems are soluble. It’s tenacity. It’ll feel good when I’m done.