Day 695: Approaching Techno-Shutdown

Cards on the table, folks: it’s been a real bad weekend/start of week, foodwise. And I know I’m coming off this whole “think like a 175-pound man” thing, which makes me feel dumb. But it’s my wife’s birthday today, and to lead up to the week off, she was working a lot of long shifts til midnight, and being a mensch I was waiting up and picking her up and taking her home.

Long story short: shift work is brutal for motivation. We spent yesterday in a bit of a fog after three consecutive days of midnight-to-eight sleeps. So willpower has been low and motivation has been low too.

I’m excited for the next three days, though: the TECHNO-SHUTDOWN. From Wednesday through Friday, it’s phone in a drawer, modem turned off, computers powered down. Books, board games, LP records. And road trips! But with paper maps.

So I’m about to put out three jerkpods for W-F this week, in anticipation of TECHNO-SHUTDOWN. See you live on Saturday!