Day 697: Road Trippin’

Long story short, we had this whole cabin vacation thing planned where we’d be off the grid for several days, but the cat got sick, we weren’t comfortable asking a catsitter to pill the cat twice a day, so we rebooked the cabin. Which is why we’re in a 72-hour sprint of being totally electronics-free.

The “techno shutdown” shtick was fun for two days but I think we’ve had enough of it, by the way.

So yesterday (hopefully) Ottawa, and today (hopefully) Merrickville or Port Hope, with whichever we don’t do on Thursday being our Friday trip. Zipping to little towns and seeing what the haps are, paper maps and asking for recommendations. Pre-Internet day trips!

Planning and packing lunches instead of spending too much and eating garbage on the road, too.

One more day of pre-records and then I’m back on Saturday!