Day 704: Stripping Down, Seeking Meaning

Busy brain night, but got a bit of exercise — not what I should have, but some — in this morning. Which is good.

I’m making definite moves to release the major volunteer task — which, thanks to this blog, I can say has been going on for about 500 days now — and, well, spend some more time on me. Frankly, the project was to create something, which has now been created, so sticking on it longer than necessary at this point is 50% helpful, but also 50% hubris and founder’s syndrome.

I need to trust that the people it was builtĀ forĀ and the organization are sound, and move it forward from there in different ways — but also get out of the “drive the bus” mode and free myself up for new interests that I find some meaning in. It’s important, I think, not to just fill time with garbage, but to find stuff that I enjoy doing but also leaves me satisfied. Vegetable hobbies to go with the candy hobbies, as mentioned a while back.

I’ve really been struggling with food this week… stress, I guess, and maybe a bit of SAD in the mix with the changing seasons.