Day 705: Big Why, Spiritual Mojo

As the Beastie Boys said, “Get It Together.” 

Good advice for me today — my wife’s sick, so it was a restless night, and another day — bah! — of no exercise, and again scrambling to get out the door. It’s frustrating! I came out of my vacation with semi-mojo, felt quickly like I was still lacking mojo, have made some plans to restore mojo, but still feel kind of mojo-less. 

“Get it together” is kind of the theme of the day. 

The good news about 700-plus days is I have a good toolchest to turn back to. I’ve got some visualization techniques, some killer checklists, good motivational phrases, and a lot of key ideas that I’ve picked up and — at present — put back down. 

Mojo (root motivation) is where I’m struggling a bit right now. I’m having some trouble with the “why” that animates the rest of it. I have stuff for that too! I just have to dip back into the heart of this to see where that resides. 

Spirituality is a topic I generally avoid, in part because I’m an atheist, but the Big Why is really a crux for a lot of these things, and with the biggest religious holiday of the year coming up, it’s not a bad time to ask some Big Why questions. So maybe that’s where I’m going to steer my ship in the coming weeks. No religion, no kids, and that’s kind of taken the two Big Reasons out of the running. If you’re not doing it for faith, or doing it to secure something for future generations of family, what’s it all for? 

Well, maybe I just found some mojo. SPIRITUAL JOURNEY mojo. Hm.