Day 706: Big Money Mojo

My wife has come up with a pretty great plan to get us financially on track for 2019, which is, well, pretty great. As mentioned. We’re going to be properly budgeting again — which I welcome — and I think 2018 has been a bit of a “got job, get stuff” year, but it’s equipped us well for a more austere 2019 and saving up for a kitchen renovation kind of dealie. 

Which I welcome. Finances have always been an Achilles heel around here, and money is a BIG stressor. It can’e be overstated as an Important Thing in an overall life plan. 

I’m not going to share it here — it’s hers, first of all, and I don’t have permission — but I appreciate that she came up with it, and am genuinely excited to be executing it at the start of the year. We’ve been pretty good, all things considered — we spent a bit more than either of us would have liked, for instance, on vacation last week, but still stuck to a rental car and day trips, not like a cruise or a week-long sojourn in Spain, or whatever. We’re living within our means, not accruing a ton of debt, but not saving as much as we’d like. 

So with a modest kitchen reno as a 2020 goal (which is also a bit of a reinvestment in the house), it’s a good time to tighten belts and start turning saving into a game. That kind of thing always sounds like Seymour Skinner in my head, but it’s still a good way to approach things.