Day 707: Get-Things-Done-Day

Sunday’s our traditional prepare for the week day: lots of food prep, some house cleaning, grocery shopping and all that good stuff. And some days, frankly, you just don’t feel like doing  all that good stuff. But you gotta. It’s gotta get done. 

So it’s a “gird your loins” sort of morning for me right now: small breakfast, slug of coffee, and shove aside the general desire to be lazy in favour of doing Future Me some favours. 

Room for some fun in there too, of course. 

Oh! And I’ve decided, coming out of the holiday experience, to try to keep Sundays device-free. This is strictly me; I’m not obliging my wife to do anything like that, and haven’t been very “pure” about it myself so far this morning — it’s kind of a late-breaking idea. But here we go!