Day 712: Back back on track (track)

GOOD sleep last night — so up on time, exercise, doing this, took care of some holiday stuff. A good morning so far! And progress yesterday at detaching from the major volunteer gig. 

It’s hard handing things off, in a way — this is a genuine thing that happens called “founder’s syndrome,” where non-profits, charities, etc. get pulled into a sinkhole because somebody starts to feel like the organization — or a component — is theirs. They’ve put a lot of time and passion into it, and get super proprietary. It’s understandable, but detrimental. 

The anxiety over letting it go is healthy — it’s definitely something I feel strongly about and have put a lot into — but there comes a point where you have to trust the health of the organization, hand things off, and realize that you don’t own the thing, the community does.