Day 714: Updating

Technology! Our greatest friend. OUR GREATEST FOE. Slept late after going to two parties yesterday, which as a sociable introvert means I had a good time, but am now completely mentally exhausted. I’m great with people, but social stuff really tuckers me out. 

It’s going to be a quiet day today, and a lot of it, it turns out, is gonna be spent on site updates. Lots of small things that have crept in over the last while. 

Doing this kind of thing and maintaining it are often two separate items in my head, which is kind of an interesting division — I have a daily dedication to check in via the podcast, but not any dedicated time to work on the project “meta” — the site, promotion, etc. It’s the classic case of putting myself last — Gretchen Rubin Obliger here — and everything else in my life first. 

All that to say I got a lot of site updating and plugin modification to do… so I’d best get to it, on top of the regular rota of Sunday Get Things Done stuff. Onward!