Day 718: Motivation vs. Tough-Mindedness

It’s not a specific thought, but it’s been rattling around my head. Motivation is key, but there’s also something to be said for sheer bloody-minded determination. Are they two different things? I don’t know — it seems like one is “push” and the other is “pull” — one is the “spread your wings and fly” kind of sentiment, and the other is “I’ve decided it’s going to be this way, and by God it is” attitude.

I… lack both, at the moment. It’s been a medium week for exercise and a bad week for cookies. I think not drinking took a chunk of motivation and bloody-mindedness, but since I’ve licked that, I haven’t taken on the next challenge. It may have to be dramatic, like Quit Drinking. Maybe I’m a quitter — better to stop than to moderate — but maybe I also need drama. DRAMA.