Day 722: I’ll Have a Food Christmas

It’s pre-Christmas cooking day! We’re doing a whole Indian thing this year; I’ve already done the big shop yesterday, and so far this morning have made the spiced mixed nuts and… ah, I can’t remember what it’s called, but celeriac and beet and lemon and spices. Kind of a cole slaw dealio.

Today’s about 90% prep, and tomorrow I’ll be rocking the cooking while my wife works, and then it’ll be a merry Christmas afternoon for both of us.

Good food, too. Real food. I fought off the urge to buy snacks and discount chocolate yesterday, and will today as well (there are a couple more things to pick up).

REAL FOOD, BABY! It’s not a panacea — I wound up snacking on bread and chutney last night, for instance, I didn’t need to do that, but it wasn’t “sweet crap food,” at least. I still need to eat intelligently. But cutting down on my sugar and fried-stuff intake will be a good start.