Day 725: Pick A Thing for 2019

Here it is: I have too many things. I have vegetable hobbies… things I do but that involve effort, aren’t always enjoyable, and lead to growth:

  • Music (learning uke/banjo/music software)
  • The radio show
  • Running training and skills sessions for podcasters
  • This blog/podcast
  • Upgrading CSS
  • The small web side hustle
  • Thinking about pursuing a Master’s degree
  • Woodworking and small woodworking projects
  • Food-making beyond sustenance
  • A long-neglected novel / other writing
  • Freelance writing

And then there are the candy hobbies — things I enjoy, but don’t have any mental strain and frankly probably don’t make me a better person:

  • Video games
  • Comic books
  • Crap movies (or even good movies)
  • Non-educational reading
  • Dumb internet browsing

Clearly, this is too many things. Equally clearly, I’m going to have to choose a couple of them. This is one thing the Full Focus planner was good for — making me choose a few key goals for a quarter to chase after, and letting me, er, focus.

So I gotta pick some.

For the new year.

Time to talk to my friends and spouse!