Day 727: Lessons Learned

I did it! I read the whole blog yesterday, and I’ve condensed the whole pile into a “Lessons Learned” page, now linked in the main menu at There’s a lot there, but the key things are:

  • Weekends are bad;
  • Sleep is actually my key recurring issue that throws me off (well, and weekends);
  • Work/volunteer stress drives insomnia, which throws me off;
  • Food is really a problem as well, driven by the top two;
  • I spend a lot of time talking about these problems but very little time working on them.
  • I don’t celebrate triumph very often.

This has actually helped me figure some things out. One is that I need to work more aggressively on sleep issues. I’ve ordered a recommended book on it, and also Kindled myself a workbook on impulse eating by a real brain doctor rather than a diet thing.

It’s hard not to get ambitious when I start going through this stuff. I want this regimented, ideal life where I wake up at the right time every day, do the right things, and then go forth to continue sticking to a plan. These tightly calibrated plans seem to work pretty well for me, too. I tell myself that they are also too difficult and go off the rails faster, but… that actually doesn’t seem to be true. My streaks last longer and seem “stickier” when they are a bit tough. The laissez-faire periods are where things go wayyyy off track.

Good food for thought. Pre-record tomorrow, then back to set up 2019 on Monday.