Day 729: Setting up for 2019

Last day of the year! Checking in from my office, which is kind of strange, but I dropped my wife off at work at 5:30 (I have a rental car today) and am getting some things done for return to work.

Despite feeling like a Jan. 1 change in lifestyle is a bit cheesy, I am also kind of stoked: I have a new system for evening checkouts, some reasonable goals, the whole Lessons Learned approach buoying me, and what I think is a great balance of vegetable and candy hobbies with the Project Of The Month thing.

My wife is on board with all of this — we’re actually trialling a couple of productivity apps to compare notes later — she’s doing Habit Bull, and I’m trying Productive. We both thought the other “Fantasy RPG” one, Habitica, was a bit too…well, Fantasy RPG.

Off for another year! Tally ho and all that!