Day 731: Starting Strong; Flow to the Door

A good start to 2019 yesterday; a natural outgrowth of trying a new “best of” morning routine is the return of the old “flow to the door” idea. Basically, “no backtracking” is the philosophy there. It’s pretty simple, but very powerful when I do it right.

The one downside is that the cats get fed downstairs, on the “last station,” so I’m expecting more kitty riots in my near future. And I might be leaving for work stupid early some days, to do personal things from the office to avoid the downstairs-upstairs-downstairs of a traditional morning.

So far, the cats are doing well, and I’m pretty jazzed about the new/restored routine. I feel like there are going to be mornings where a little bouncing around is inevitable, but if I make more use of my iPad and keyboard, and/or bring my work laptop home so I can do things from the kitchen, maybe not. Is going up and down stairs a bit deal? Not at all. But it’s a little psychological thing that does seem to help me feel like my life’s in order.