Day 743: I don’t wanna

Exercise! Exercise may be the hardest demon to slay in the new year. I have friends who work out every morning and seem to dig it, but it’s definitely my ugh moment between getting up and going to work.

I have an extended metaphor for it that I need to record with special effects and music at some point called you are a wizard in which I basically explain that you’re a wizard, and you can cast a spell that makes you healthier and more confident and better looking and your clothes fit better and people think more highly of you. But you have to perform the ritual for 30 minutes every morning, and the ritual is physically demanding.

You’d do that, right? A magic spell that delivers all that stuff, in exchange for a paltry 1/48th of your day every day?

You’d be nuts not to! And that’s exercise, baby.

Despite even having that kicky metaphor rolling around in my head, and my go-to list of motivational phrases, it is still harrrrrrrd some days to kick it into gear.

I’m doing it, though! I have to. I’m on this path to getting where I want to be in 2019, and I’m not deviating. I didn’t eat chips yesterday at game time (had some fresh fruit, though). I’ve successfully been a non-snacking mofo for two straight weeks. I can lock this down, I just have to do the work.