Day 746: Rough morning, drinking water

Still on the path, but man, the cats are NOT making it easy. 3 a.m. wake-up, because they are bonkers. I was discombobulated at the regular get-up time, so I sort of staggered into my day and forgot to bring clothes down, drink water, etc.

Not drinking water did let me do a small experiment, though — weighted and did the fat-measure thing after exercise, then drank about 400 mL of water, then did it again. I gained half a pound — makes sense — but also had my body fat percentage go up by 0.3%. Which is weird. Reinforcement that these scales are dicey, but also that it’s important to be consistent with water intake first thing in the morning to measure accurately.

A late night tonight out of the house, so I’m going to knock some of tonight’s checklist off before work this morning — instrument practice, classical track of the day, maybe even planking.