Day 747: Stall

All right — it’s been a week and I haven’t dropped an ounce; I can officially say I’m stalled. This early! It’s frustrating.

I’m being pretty diligent about food; exercising daily at least a bit (and usually a goodly amount). Here’s the possible culprits:

Of it all, I’m guessing my metabolism is a bit slower than I’d like it to be — and switching up exercise to try to get a little more intensity in there is a good idea.

I’m going to start there — for the next week, try to do more interval training on the rower and less solid state stuff. I’ve pulled down some interval ideas from the Concept 2 site, and am looking up how to set up intervals on the rower.

I’ll be honest — I’m having a hard time getting stoked about exercise in the mornings these days. Maybe the intervals will shake things up and get me excited again!