Day 748: Staying on the Path

A good, solid resistance day yesterday — no snacking, sticking to the food plan, the whole nine yards. Gearing up for a frigid weekend with proper Canadian cold in the air, which honestly I kind of like.

My morning has been very… stuffy. It’s hard to describe, not like “have a cold” stuffy, but a kind of settled-in muzziness that’s difficult to articulate. I haven’t had a cold yet this entire season, that I recall, but it’s a possibility. Still, drinking a ton of water and eating right/exercising is definitely the best hope I have of fending something off.

Exercise wasn’t really want I wanted it to be this morning, but there’s nothing to say I can’t incorporate some pull-ups or something into my day.

And tonight: friends for dinner, and then much much later a late-night online D&D game with friends internationally. Looking forward to both.