Oh, boy! Today was my first day starting High Intensity Interval Training on the rower, which by the midpoint had become Medium Intensity Interval Training, and by the end, if we’re honest, Rather Not A Lot of Intensity At All Training. RNAIAAT.

I’m selling myself short — it was good effort, and I put in about as many kms in under half an hour as I usually do in a 30 minute jag, and I certainly feel worked out.

SNOWPOCALYPSE CONTINUES but I don’t need to shovel out the end of my driveway after the ploughs have gone by, because we don’t own a car. We rent cars and we’ll need driveway access then, but in a few days a big snow thing will come by and shoot all that snow into a snow truck where it will be taken to live on that big snow farm upstate with all its friends and maybe I’ll get to visit at some point but it’s such a long drive.

Time and appetite for exercise is always the challenge. I feel like this HIIT stuff will be super hard to maintain daily — even alternating between spin and rowing — so I think I might start doing strength on some days and HIIT on others. Tomorrow, weights; Wednesday, HIIT, etc.

Once again: amazing the difference a big glass of water (500 mL, I have a mason jar) makes first thing in the morning. Just kicks you in the teeth. It’s great.