Day 752: Sick Mode 2019

I’m not sick sick but I’m on the road to sick. My wife’s had a cold for a couple of days and I went to bed feeling logey and woke up stuffed up all to heck with a lot of sinus pressure. I’m sick! And I don’t want to get sicker.

This is the plan, as set out in the master plan for the year:

  • Not much changes. Diet stays responsible.
  • Exercise gets cut down to 10 minutes a day, and sleep is now a top priority every night
  • Try to sleep in a bit more each morning (cats may screw that up)
  • Drink water! Drink EVEN MORE water. Enforce the 2L a day regime rigorously, and stretch for 3L a day.
  • Don’t sweat weight stalls at all. Weight loss isn’t a goal, feeling better is.

That’s, er, it. I still try to do the things I’m doing, just a little less, and with reduced expectations until I’m over it. Now I’m off to drink! Some! Water!