Day 753: Sick Protocol II; No Apps

Still a bit under the weather, but holding steady or getting better with a ton of water drunk, a little extra sleep, and nominal (present, but not extravagant) exercise.

I can’t use tracking apps! I just can’t! The sweet irony is that there are apps out there to help you build habits, but I cannot get into the habit of using them. I just can’t get into that particular groove.

Food logging, sure; it started as a grim necessity as something that must be done on The Path, but I’m actually starting to enjoy the weird freedom of setting the day’s food in the morning and then not having to think about food for the rest of the day — just eat what’s there.

In the evening, the physical ritual of a box of paper slips that I fill out and move from “fresh” to “done” really appeals to me.

The apps? I don’t know. I’ve tried four or five over the past three years; currently I’m on Momentum. This isn’t a slight against Momentum. It’s fine. Good, even. Elegant and effective. But I just find it a lot easier to wrap my head around the paper slips, and again, the physical ritual of doing something “real” at the end of the day, phone down and put away, is very… settling.