Day 755: I had something for this, I swear

Gosh darn it, I had a good idea for this morning when I was exercising, and now I’ve lost it. Staying the course! The idea of “The Path” is still pretty vital to me; it’s keeping me on track at times I otherwise might have folded.

Yesterday was KEY SANDWICH RESISTANCE, which has previously been a realĀ problemĀ for me. What can I say? I love sandwiches! This is definitely one of those transitions from youth over time; where once my Achilles’ heel would have been pure sugar, now it’s combinations of bread and filling. Mmmm! Sandwiches are now on the Resist List a second time! Well done me.

Today’s going to be a bit tricky in that I’m going out for lunch and a movie with my wife; I’m going to check out the menu right now to try to pre-log that food, and make a best guess for calories. The Path!