Day 757: Social Media Diet Update

Back on Day 678 I mentioned that I’d dropped Facebook except for work-related necessities. It’s, er, still true! I didn’t know it was exactly 75 days when I thought I’d follow up on this, but I guess it has been.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago, but it’s been… good. I’ve been less stressed, spending more time on either things that matter or things I legitimately enjoy, and less time just kind of looking at stuff. And being mad about politics, which is super unproductive.

I seem to run at two speeds: “be informed and get overemotional and overinvolved,” or “cocoon.” I run at the latter a lot, and have for a little while now (well, until 75 days ago); after re-browsing The Tao of Pooh, which my wife has just read for the first time, she has gently pointed out that I am a Bisy Backson and this is true, but I think the social media diet at least helps me get back on track.

In short: it’s been good. Am I a little less informed about stuff? Sure. But am I informed enough? I think so.