Day 760: Boozeless

I don’t talk about sobriety much here any more, but as I’m making pretty good strides with the whole plan right now, I want to give credit where it’s due: I don’t think any of this would be happening if I were drinking.

And that’s a “me” thing, not a universal thing — I know lots of people who do wonderfully and drink in moderation; and some that have gone through huge transformative experiences where drinking’s been part of their lives and it’s been fine. For them.

Not for me.

The big thing about quitting drinking wasn’t the quitting drinking part, it was the giving permission to myself to quit. I didn’t have a flashing neon “DRINKING PROBLEM” sign blinking at me; I wasn’t doing anything that radical with drinking.

But it was the one thing that a lot of other things seemed to swirl around. Food’s the other one, of course, but that seems to be at least modestly under control. And I can’t control the food when I’m drinking, which I know from long decades of experience.

So yeah. That’s just where my head’s at today; I’m rounding out a pretty great January of positive changes with food and exercise — sleep coming soon, I hope, and keeping alcohol out of it has been the crux. It took two years of not drinking for the other things to start kicking in, but here we are, and I’m happy to be here.