Day 764: Three days, two weeks.

Three days off! THREE DAYS! And I’m back to where I was two weeks ago. It’s astounding how fast backsliding goes.

Lesson learned, and unlike previous breaks, my determination is pretty solid to get back on that horse and make that ground back up again. My food is prepped for the day, my water jug is full, I’ve done some exercise. Let’s get back there and beyond!

The trend for January was great. Not replicable as it was based on a lot of early “easy” weight, but I can totally do that again. April is still viable, I just need to not take these breaks, and not listen to the little voice that enables them.

A little time reflecting on goals this morning will help too; I’m going to pull that Perfect Me sheet and take another look at it, and at some of those little phrases that help get me geared up.