Day 765: Pooh and Progress

Re-reading the Tao of Pooh recently, and my wife quite accurately dubbing me a Bizzy Backson has made me realize that maybe I need to wind things down a little.

So, of course, I’m applying to pursue a Master’s degree. In law.

Am I nuts? Probably? I don’t know. My lack of formal education is something that’s bothered me for a while, and frankly, seems to be a bit of a career impediment at this point — I’ve reached a level, professionally, where people are expecting MAs and doctorates and I’ve got a three-year BA. I wish this sort of thing didn’t matter, but it does.

More pertinent, though, is the fact that I really actually am interested in the subject. Well, subjects, really: law contains multitudes, and there are a bunch of things I could really do a deep dive into, if I had… I don’t know, permission to do so. This is kind of a way to give myself the bandwidth to nerd out about law and feel like I’m doing something productive out of it.

Application’s in, and I need to write a lot over the next week or so. Wish me luck.