Day 767: Flowing to the Door

A quick update on this, largely unchanged, technique that continues to be really useful to me: “flow to the door.” Being a cat owner messes it up slightly, as I have to go downstairs at 5 a.m. to feed the cats or they riot, and since one of the cats is on a special diet, I have to keep an eye on them — so that’s when I make lunch.

Then, though, everything starts from the top of the house, with clothes for the day, then exercise, shower/shave, get dressed, do this and other correspondence/hobby computer things, then downstairs, coffee, cat litter… and out the door.

The idea is never¬†go¬†backwards, and I find (other than the cat/pack lunch thing) it’s actually pretty satisfying to do. By the time I’m making coffee, I feel like I’ve got a good head of steam behind me.

Late night at work tonight; one of the disadvantages of being a bit more senior is there’s no overtime, lieu hours, or ways to recognize overwork — the job is what it is and you do what you need to. So it goes.