Day 771: Bah!

Just… not having it today. Slow morning; hard to wake up, hard to get going. Mediocre exercise (despite tiny motivational statements).

I suspect that I’m freaking myself out over this essay for the LLM application, which is… fair, I guess. There’s a lot of ego tied up in this, and I’m surprised at how uncomfortable it makes me feel. It’s natural; I’m stretching myself (and stretching is good), but the ol’ impostor syndrome is kicking in at 150%.

“No way out but through,” as the short motivational phrase goes! I need to crack away at it til it’s done, and I don’t think I should be pressuring myself to produce the result of a future three years of LLM work as an introductory writing sample. But I am. That’s my damn brain. Dang it, brain!