Day 772: Big glass of water, seriously

Is it possible that I can measure how good something is for me by how little I want to do it? Because I have just done the Big Glass Of Water First Thing this morning after about a week of not doing it, and holy cow is that effective. Just wakes you right up. It moves me from “blargh, morning” to “okay, let’s get this ship pointed north.”

I just made that up, “let’s get this ship pointed north,” but that sounds credibly like an expression, no?

I resist it, though, fiercely. I have an aversion to chugging 500 mL of water at 5:05 a.m. I’d say “I don’t know why,” but I think it’s because I don’t enjoy it. And I don’t enjoy it because it’s a shock to the system. And I’m guessing it works because it’s a pretty benign shock to the system.

So there y’go. I don’t know if it’ll work for you, but I highly encourage you give it a shot. Get out of bed, drink about half a litre of water. In one go if you can manage it. BOOM! You’re up, baby.