Day 780: Old Man, Winter

Ollllld maaaaaaaaan winterrrrrrr, with apologies to Paul Robeson.

My wife said to me yesterday “this is the first winter that I feel old,” and I have to agree that this is a long one. I also feel old this year.

I think it’s a confluence of things, including shift work making it hard to consolidate a time for outdoor activity. If you’re not doing winter stuff, winter is nothing but a fatiguing pain in the arse.

“So do winter activities!” you say! It’s a great idea, and it’s one of those things were since December we’ve been vaguely intending to, but life just keeps happening underneath and around us. Our weekends tend toward the busy, and while I don’t fall back on “no car” as a universal excuse for everything, it does winnow your options down significantly.

Right now, we’re hunkering down and counting the days — one month from now, we should be into spring. Right?

Incidentally, fasting went well yesterday — it was a bit of a nail-biter late in the evening, but I managed. The key now is to eat normally today, not like a lunatic: plan food, log food, enjoy food responsibly.